Session Archive


Data, and a Dangerous Idea
Open Data
FILM: We Are Legion – The Story of the Hacktivists
The Chills and Thrills of
 Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
Bitcoin Digital Currency for Beginners
Open Access 101: The future of publishing research?
FILM: The Internet’s Own Boy
How to make change in the issues you care about – Advocacy and Campaigns explained


Digital Professionalism & Your Digital Footprint
Google and the ‘right to be forgotten’
Peter Bentley’s Pioneers of Computer Science
The Eye In Space: 20th Century Observational Cinema And Virtual Reality!
FILM: Life In A Day (Ridley Scott & YouTube)
Welcome to the Future!


Code for Success – The beginning of everything may start here!
Playcanvas: Build your Own Game
UCLOrk: The UCL Laptop Orchestra
Beyond DIY Internet of things: A design workshop for air quality sensors
FILM: Press Pause Play
CC, Open Access, OERS
UCLU Film Society Short Film & Web series Premiere’s and meet the filmmakers
FILM: RIP – A Remix Manifesto
Open data/intro to D3
Make your own musical instrument
How to Make a Website in Two Hours
3D people scanning workshop


Memrise use in the English Department
Social networks and language teaching
There’s an app for that!
UCL Edu Tweetup
digifest meets musicfest
Second Screen & Concept mapping with CMap
Digital Politics: Clicktivism, Activism, and the Fight Against Global Poverty
Planning beyond devices, why web is best
UCLU Film Society Short Film & Web series Premiere’s and meet the filmmakers
FILM: We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For
Scenario Based Blended Learning


Showcase (impressions)
Bellogate panel and festival finale


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