Planning beyond devices: Why web is best #dfweb

This is a one hour plus collaborative brainstorming session about web functionality and its effectiveness for various purposes

This session tries to overcome the traditional obstacles from designing and developing any digital product. The word “product” sounds intimidating, but it really means anything digital: your personal website, event page, or even complicated applications with a lot of data.

In this session, we will discuss the optimal web environment in different roles and perspectives, after which a brainstorming session will take place to  come up with basic designs and functionalities of your own product. We will then analyse the suitability and effectiveness of each design and functionality. Of course few tips and examples for food for thoughts will be provided.

This session does not require any prior experience in the digital world but do bring your device to tweet to @ucldigifest with the hashtag #dfweb!

CC-BY Janina Dewitz

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