Making | Sharing | Collaborating | Creative Commons

The big theme of the day is making and maker culture. We asked Dr Sarah Gallacher from UCLIC to give us her take on the topic:

Find out more about Sarah and the VoxBox at


From games to websites and diy instruments, lots of things will get made on campus today. We promise to share as much as possible!

Interested in Sam Ahern’s session on Open Data but can’t physically make it? – Good news: check out her long list of Open Data links and resources here.


idea iconDid you know…?

Creative Commons have a handy license generator tool. Sharing made easy.

Need inspiration for creative projects to make yourself? Give or Instructables a go. The former is mostly aimed at kids, while the latter contains projects for all age and ability ranges.


Do Contribute

In line with our creative theme today, we would like you to send us your stories of something you have made. This can be something you have made as a result of being part of digifest or it can be something you made a while ago. Please send us a photo or video (or links to existing content) and tell us a little about your creation:

  • What inspired your project?
  • What tools did you use?
  • How long did it take to make?
  • What did you learn in the process?
  • How did it feel to make it?
  • Did you work alone or was it a group project?

Either post your contribution in the comments below, tweet a link @ucldigifest with the #-tag #dfmake or email us at ucldigifestATgmailDOTcom.

If you haven’t made anything, why not make and share something today?

Important: Please mark your contributions with a CC-BY Creative Commons license. This will enable us to share your contribution at our big showcase day on Friday. We will share a photo or video tour of the exhibition back on the blog afterwards.


Today in our UCL cinema we will be screening:

PressPausePlay, a documentary by creative agency A House of Radon, that explores the many ways in which technology and the web have influenced creative industries. Watch it at

RIP: A Remix Manifesto, a documentary by Brett Gaylor about remix culture. Watch it at


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