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Today’s content focuses on technologies that our students and staff use for learning and teaching today. We have sessions around specific tools and practices, as well as some crowd-sourcing activities that you are welcome to contribute to remotely.

Talking of remote participation, don’t forget our special twitter session at 12:30pm: we are aiming for a twitter chat / tweet up mash up, which will be moderated live from a big red London bus. Crazy, right? Watch it unfold by following @ucldigifest on twitter and join in!

As we started this week with a look back in time at our old tech, we will use today to think a little more about the future:

  • Will universities still exist in a hundred years from now?
  • Who will fund Higher Education: governments or corporations?
  • Will we all just learn via MOOCs and video conferences?
  • If we record all our lectures and put them online, what is the point of a physical campus?

Here is a brief video from UCL that explores the latter question:


What do you think?


idea iconDid you know…?

Here is how IBM envisions the future of the classroom:

IBM’s predictive analytics technology is already being used by some universities and colleges to predict the learning success of their students (pdf).


Do Contribute

In line with our learning technology theme today, we would like you to send us your personal top 3 favourite learning and teaching tools. Tell us a little bit about why you like the tools and give an example of how you use them.

We are also interested in your views on the future university: will we still have universities in a hundred years from now? If you think that we will, what will those institutions look like? Send us your doodles, collages, scribbles! If you think the institution is on the way out, let us know why you think so. What will replace the university in the future?

As always, we are curious to have your thoughts and ideas. Either post your contribution in the comments below, tweet a link @ucldigifest with the #-tag #dfedtech or email us at ucldigifestATgmailDOTcom.

If you are sending photos/videos/screencasts/presentations, etc. please mark your contributions with a CC-BY Creative Commons license. This will enable us to share your contribution at our big showcase day on Friday. We will share a photo or video tour of the exhibition back on the blog afterwards.


Today in our UCL cinema we will be screening:

We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For, a documentary about the good, the bad and the alternative sides of the current education system. Featuring stories from five pupils in Swindon and contributions from Sir Ken Robinson, Henry Winkler, Germaine Greer, Bill Bryson and many others. Watch it at http://vimeo.com/8311189



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