About digifest

What is digifest?

digifest is a lot of things; part unconference, part hackfest, part showcase, part online course, where we combine and deliver both a digital and physical experience to everyone involved.

Based on 139 ideas from the UCL community, we categorised digifest into these theme strands:

Monday – Activism | Politics | Ethics | Citizenship | Privacy | Security

Tuesday – Making | Sharing | Collaboration | Creative Commons

Wednesday – Digital Identity | Digital Professionalism | Digital Footprint

Thursday – Learning Technology | Future University

Friday – Showcase Day

When is it?

It’s scheduled from 10th-14th November 2014, so keep that in your calendars!

How can you join?

Want to follow our events online? Join us on Twitter: @ucldigifest and hashtag #UCLdigifest!

We are also on Facebook – check out all our events here.

Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with how our festival is growing!

Who are we?

We are a group of UCL staff and students who want this digifest to be a fun hands-on festival of “digital things”, using a variety of digital tools and innovative ways to share and learn things in new ways.

These panels, interactive workshops and games we have planned are things that excite us about the future of digital technology and we want everyone else to see why!

“Why ‘digifest’?”

Let me start by telling you the story of how it all began:

Let’s get digital! 

A festival of all digital things, coming to you soon.


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