From the beginning of the digifest journey we thought it would be nice to spread the goodness of the festival beyond the walls of physical UCL. We referred to this vague construct as a mOOC – a mini open online course. Yes, we were joking at the time!

Ultimately, whether we should really call this endeavour a course or not is neither here nor there. What matters is that you, our remote participants, do not only get a flavour of what is happening on campus, but that you get a chance to join in with us: create and share your personal take on the various digifest topics and themes. After all, digifest is meant to be about tinkering and active participation. We are genuinely curious how the wider world thinks about the stuff we are discussing and working on during the festival, so please don’t hold back with contributions.

All four theme strands will have resources and activities attached to them, which we are compiling at the moment. Remote participation content will be released nightly from Monday 10th November via the Course menu item above.

Our big opening activity is now live. Send us your stories and photos of your old gadgets. Click here to participate.