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When we had our initial brainstorming day in April, a number of ideas came up that we loosely grouped into an “important digital issues” collection of topics.

People felt that the recent growth of online activism deserved to be discussed. Others were more interested in the privacy and security aspects of the internet.  There was also some interest in topics, such as ethics and the politics of the web.

With this brief, we started approaching some of our security researchers and big data experts who responded with a great line up of sessions.

Here is Dr Daniel Hulme talking about big data and privacy:

If you enjoyed this clip, watch out for Daniel’s main session.


idea iconDid you know…?

BreachAlarm constantly scours the web for leaked password lists. To check if your credentials are out there on the open internet, head over to

Try out the Mozilla Lightbeam browser add on to see who is tracking you online. More details and download at


Do Contribute

In line with our privacy and security theme today, we would like you to share your own strategies with us:

  • Does privacy matter to you at all?
  • What tools do you use to ensure your privacy is protected?
  • Where do you draw the line between convenience and privacy?
  • Do you protect your social media accounts?

Either post your contribution in the comments below, tweet a link @ucldigifest with the #-tag #dfsec or email us at ucldigifestATgmailDOTcom.

If you are sending photos/videos/screencasts/presentations, etc. please mark your contributions with a CC-BY Creative Commons license. This will enable us to share your contribution at our big showcase day on Friday. We will share a photo or video tour of the exhibition back on the blog afterwards.


Today in our UCL cinema we will be screening:

We Are Legion – The Story of the Hacktivists, a documentary by Brian Knappenberger about Anonymous. Watch it at

The Internet’s Own Boy, a documentary about Aaron Swartz. Watch it at


Learn more about …


If you are a UCL student or member of staff, you have access to the complete Information Security Awareness course on Moodle


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    Resources from the #dfopen101 session:

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