Tuesday 11 November

Welcome to digifest!

digifest is a celebration of all things digital at UCL. All events are free of charge, but only UCL staff and students and digifest partners may attend.

Registration is required for almost all events – please click on the links below to register.

The themes for Tuesday are:
Digital Identity | Digital Professionalism | Digital Footprint

1-2pm: Digital Professionalism & Your Digital Footprint
When we use the internet, especially social sites, we leave a mark which is sometimes called our digital footprint. In this session we will have a look at what our digital footprints reveal about ourselves.
Session led by: Natasa Perovic, Jess Gramp and Domi Sinclair
Important Info: BYOD – Bring Your Own Device: It would be helpful if people could bring a laptop or tablet to this session.

3.30-4.30pm: Google ‘Right to be forgotten’
On 13th May 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union (the Court) ruled that an individual has the “right to be forgotten”. This means that, search engines such as Google will be obliged to remove from their search results links to webpages which contain “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant or excessive” information about individuals. What does this mean? What are the implications on privacy and freedom of information? Join us in this discussion or tweet your thoughts to @ucldigifest with the hashtag #dfforget
Session led by: Sam Ahern
Important Info: BYOD – Bring Your Own Device: Please bring mobile phones – so you can tweet about the discussion thread

4.30-5.30pm: The Eye In Space: 20th Century Observational Cinema And Virtual Reality!
How can new emergent consumer level virtual reality technologies be engaged to further the truth eye of Dziga Vertov’s cinema? How can we utilize 3 dimensions to shorten the distance between the present and real and the image on screen? Can a virtual experience go further then the cinema, and if it can – can it provide a space for a politically/emotionally activating experience?
Session led by: Rebecca Merril

6-7.30pm: FILM: Life In A Day (Ridley Scott & YouTube)
Life in a day is a crowdsourced drama/documentary comprising an arranged series of video clips selected from 80,000 clips submitted to YouTube sharing website, the clips showing resepctive occurances from around the world on a single day, July 24th 2010.

6-7pm: Welcome to the Future!
Adam Byrnes, International Director at Freelancer.com, will be discussing the macrotrends that will redefine the online world over the next 5 years. As part of this talk, he will also discuss the emergence of the application of STEM skills like mathematics, statistics, and the scientific method to a field traditionally dominated by qualitative thinking – marketing and advertising. In this context, he will also discuss his own career path, and how he applies knowledge learnt in his science and engineering degrees every day within his role of expanding an internet-scale marketplace internationally.
Session led by: Adam Brynes

6.30-8pm: Pioneers of Computer Science
This session will introduce you to some of the pioneers of computer science. Who were Claude Shannon, Maurice Wilkes, Alan Turing and Doug Engelbart really? Peter has collected their stories and promises to share video footage of these and a few other personalities from the olden days of computing.
Session led by: Peter Bentley

If you have any mobility or other requirements to access any of these sessions, please contact us at ele@ucl.ac.uk


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