Open Data – Links and Tools

If you are interested in Open Data, here are some links and resources to explore (thanks to Sam Ahern for producing this list):

Open Data –  curated resources

What open means:

Who are the ODI:

ODI open data certificates:

Open Science initiatives:

Open Science Foundation:

Open Access Button:

Open Access week:

The Right to Research: Open Access Teaser Cards:

Mozilla Science:

 Open Access publication:

Create Change:

Open Knowledge:


Peer reviewed OA journal – PeerJ:



See also:

Open Refine:

tableau public:

Digital Science:

Data sources

UK Data Service:

Is this data open?

Miscellaneous links

Learn more about data with the School of Data :

Open data challenges:

Data Journalism Handbook:

British Library Science Team:

Time Berners_Lee TED talk:



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