Creative Commons, Open Access and OERs #dfcc

This is a one hour session 

The web has had a profoundly transformational effect on how we look at copyright, making old laws, old certainties and old ways of thinking out of date. With ownership of creative works no longer linked to physical objects – books, music and photos are all just digital files now – it is now incredibly easy to share and disseminate them. One upshot of this has been piracy. But more positively, a broad movement to adapt and subvert the old laws and make sharing and reuse easier has emerged.


About the session hosts

Oli Usher is the Communications, Marketing and Events Manager for the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. Oli is passionate about all things creative commons. Bonus fact: Oli once helped the UCL University Challenge team get into the season final!

Aislinn O’Connell is a PhD student in UCL Department of Information Studies and the Faculty of Laws. She studies copyright and publishing.

Jonathan Collins is a PhD student in UCL Faculty of Laws, specialising in intellectual property law and the internet.


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