Digital Professionalism and your Digital Footprint #dffootprint

This is a one-hour discussion on Tuesday on the significance of social media and online presence on employability and professionalism. 

When we use the internet, especially social sites, we leave a mark which is sometimes called our digital footprint. The size of your footprint will depend on many things, such as the number of sites you use, how intently you use them and your impact on other users of the site. It is also possible to have multiple footprints, for example if you use separate digital identities. Your digital identity is the term for how you present yourself online. This can be a complex topic as people go about it in different ways. Some people like to use separate accounts for personal or professional use of social media, and might even have additional accounts for special interests, each of these accounts would represent a unique digital identity. In this session we will have a look at what our digital footprints reveal about ourselves.

Join the debate online, whether you are in the session or not, by tweeting your thoughts with the hashtag #dffootprint.

Check back here at the start of November and Eventbrite tickets will be available. In the meantime, keep up with the latest on Twitter @UCLdigifest and explore the rest of our packed schedule.

There will be a short team presentation followed by a discussion.

Note: In order to participate fully in this session, please bring an internet ready device (smartphone/tablet/laptop)

About the session hosts

This session will be run by a trio of lovely E-Learning ladies: Nataša Perovic, Jessica Gramp and Domi Sinclair. Jess and Nataša are both E-Learning Facilitators. They work with our academics in the SLIMS and BEAMS faculties. Domi, who is one of UCL’s Learning Technologists, has written two books about Prezi.


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