Digital concept maps: a tool for teaching and learning #dfcmap

Concept maps – those familiar blob-and-arrow diagrams that depict knowledge about something – are a great tool for learners. In this session we want to show you how we used digital concept maps to accompany TV science programmes as a way of helping viewers better grasp and remember the scientific ideas in the programme. We want to use our experience to encourage a discussion about how you could use concept maps to augment your lectures. We will also show you how to create digital concept maps using a tool called Cmap.

Note: In order to participate in this session, you will need to bring a laptop with the CMap platform installed on it. CMap is free and can be downloaded here:


About the session hosts:

Dr John Dowell is a senior lecturer in the department of computer science. He is particularly interested in human computer interaction and is part of UCLIC.  He will be co-running this session with his research student Hana Kim.


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