There’s an app for that! #dfapps

This is a one hour crowd-sourcing session for anyone who uses apps for teaching or learning or productivity.

We will sift through our phones and tablets and introduce our favourite apps to each other. We will share our tips and demo things you may never have heard of before. Inspire and be inspired!

The results of the session will be featured on this page afterwards.

Got an app to share but can’t make the session? No problem. – Tweet the name of your app and a link @ucldigifest. Please include the session hashtag #dfapps in your message.

Alternatively you can add your contribution here:


Take part in our online activities

 About the session host

Janina Dewitz is UCL’s first ever Innovations Officer. She is based in E-Learning Enviroments in the Podium building where she occupies one of the messier desks. She’s @eLearningTechie on the twitters.

Here are the apps that we shared in our group:

  • Yelp [Android/iOS]
  • Scores on the Doors [Android/iOS]
  • Chirp [Android/iOS]
  • Transit [Android/iOS]
  • Bus Times [iOS?]
  • YR Weather [Android/iOS]
  • iThoughts [iOS]
  • Popplet [iOS]
  • Duolingo [Android/iOS]
  • Aurasma [Android/iOS]
  • Memrise [Android/iOS]
  • Shazam [Android/iOS]
  • MyScript Calculator [Android] [iOS?]

It was a productive session, even if we drifted a little off topic from pure learning/productivity to other kinds of time and sanity saving apps. 😉



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