Data and a Dangerous Idea #dfdanger

This is a one hour discussion about data and the challenges it presents

What is Data, Data Science, and Data-Driven Decision Making? We will look at why is data important, and how can it be harnessed by people to help society. Data for both positive and negative use and its ethical challenges are also some of the topics to be addressed in this session.

It presents a dangerous idea – what would happen if we made all our data open?

Interested but can’t make it to the session? Tweet your thoughts and opinion to @ucldigifest with the hashtag #dfdanger and populate the discussion online!

About the session host

Dr Daniel Hulme of UCL’s Department of Computer Science is the founder and CEO of Satalia, a company that provides a unique algorithmic technology and professional service to solve industries optimisation problems. He is also passionate about emerging technology and regularly speak at events with interests in Algorithms, Optimisation, BigData and Emerging Technologies.


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