The Eye in Space: 20th Century Observational Cinema and Virtual Reality #dfvr

This is a one to two hour session 

How can new emergent consumer level virtual reality technologies be engaged to further the truth eye of Dziga Vertov’s cinema? How can we utilize 3 dimensions to shorten the distance between the present and real and the image on screen? Can a virtual experience go further then the cinema, and if it can – can it provide a space for a politically/emotionally activating experience?

The event will encompass a short opening talk discussing the relationship between the eye and virtual experience, following the milestones of observational personal cinema through the 20th Century from the early travelogues of the 1900’s and ending with the purely virtual experience, LUXURY SIMULATOR.

Following the talk, attendee’s will one by one be selected to collect the grand prize of being strapped into the virtual world LUXURY SIMULATOR and live like the $$$$0.00001%%%%$$$ AT THE END OF FOREVER.

Then we will have much feedback and discussion and some candy.

About the session host

Rebecca Merrill is a student at UCL SLADE


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