UCL Edu Tweet Up! #dftweetup

“Oh that’s you? I’ve been following you on twitter” – How many times have you heard or uttered that phrase? 

Lots of students and staff at UCL use twitter. Fact.

twitter birds

Let’s talk about Twitter in higher education.

An in-person meet-up on the bus in the Quad at the same time as an online Twitter-chat, which you can join using the #dftweetup hashtag.

Put the date and times in your diary and choose which you’d like to come to (some of us will attempt both at once which may be quite a spectacle – perhaps even an education). Bring your lunch.

#dftweetup. Can we trend it?




About your tweetup host:

Mira Vogel (@TrabiMechanic) is an E-Learning Facilitator.


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