Thursday 13 November

Welcome to digifest!

digifest is a celebration of all things digital at UCL. All events are free of charge, but only UCL staff and students and digifest partners may attend.

Registration is required for almost all events – please click on the links below to register.

The themes for Thursday are:
Learning Technology | Future University

5pm-7pm: Social Networks and Language Teaching
This is a 2-hour collaborative session to analyse the potential of social networks and their use in language teaching.
*Note that this session has been moved from 11am – 1pm time slot to 5pm – 7pm time slot.
Session led by: Juan Fernandez
Important Info: BYOD – Bring Your Own Device: Please bring you own devices, especially mobile devices for accessing social networks.

12-1pm: There’s an app for that!
This is a one hour crowd-sourcing session for anyone who uses apps for teaching or learning or productivity.
Session led by: Janina Dewitz

4-5pm: Digital Politics: Clicktivism, Activism, and the Fight Against Global Poverty
In this sessions we will discuss the benefits and the issues of technology-mediated forms of political participation, look at examples of how NGOs have used technology to engage the public to fight poverty (and how effective these campaigns were), and debate if activism and political engagement are actually going engagement are actually going all-digital.
Session led by: Paolo Morini

12-1pm: Memrise use in the English Department
To follow.
Session led by: Molly Skelton

12.30-2pm: Twitter & higher education – tweetup and twitterchat
Join us on the bus in the quad to talk about twitter in education – and if you can’t get there in person, join the simultaneous twitter chat using #dftwied. No need to book – do bring your lunch.

1-3pm: digifest meets Musicfest
A demonstration of LectureTools interactive presentation software with a festival celebration. Join The Janes for a journey through a brief history of rock music festivals. Join in with the fun in real time using LectureTools, interactive presentation software.
Please be aware that strobe lighting will be used in some of the films shown.
Session led by: Jane Britton and Jane Burns

1-3pm: Digital concept mapping, John Dowell & Hana Kim
Concept maps – those familiar blob-and-arrow diagrams that depict knowledge about something – are a great tool for learners. We want to use our experience to encourage a discussion about how you could use concept maps to augment your lectures. We will also show you how to create digital concept maps using a tool called Cmap.
Session led by: John Dowell and Hana Kim

2-3pm: Badges
Digital badges are now used to recognise skills and achievements, much like the traditional certificate does. What is a badge? What can it be used for? How can I use them? Find out and learn how to make your own badge at digifest.
Session led by: Jessica Gramp and Sarah Earl

3-4pm: Planning beyond devices, why web is best
This is a one hour plus collaborative brainstorming session about web functionality and its effectiveness for various purposes.
Session led by: Soomyeong Yoon
Important Info: BYOD – Bring Your Own Device: Please bring a laptop or tablet to take part if you can.

3-4pm: Scenario Based Blended Learning
Sarah has redesigned her course MSIN6001A: Understanding Management in a hope to successfully engage learners across a large cohort as well as offering greater opportunities for deeper learning at each stage of the course. In this workshop, Sarah, Matt and Colleen will share their experiences and provide guidance on designing, implementing and evaluating a scenario based blended learning course.
Session led by: Sarah Warnes, Matt Smith and Colleen Sutcliffe

4-5pm: Prezi
This is a one hour hands-on session for anyone to learn or improve their visual presentation skills on Prezi, an online presentation tool.
Session led by: Domi Sinclair

5:30-7pm: FILM: We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For
We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For was inspired and guided by producer Lord Puttnam, and focuses on the educational experiences of five young people in Swindon, England. The film examines three pillars on which the current education system globally is built: curriculum, testing, and teaching. It observed how millions of young people are essentially being failed by the system and explores alternative ways of tapping into the talent that exist in the rising generation.

6-8pm: UCLU Film Society Short Film & Web series Premieres and meet the filmmakers
UCLU Film Society takes over a London bus for an evening to display our latest short films made last year and showcase filmmaking talent here at UCL. We will also have a space for attendees to meet the filmmakers and ask questions about making films on nonexistent to small budgets while at university.
Session led by: UCLU Film Society

If you have any mobility or other requirements to access any of these sessions, please contact us at


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