UCL Museums: QRator Project at the Grant

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Welcome to part 1 of 2 of our UCL Museums series, where we share how UCL museums use tech and digital things to revolutionise artefact documentation and enhance user experience. The Grant Museum is one of the two museums in the world that runs the QRator project – which is pretty awesome!

So we had the manager of the Grant himself, Jack Ashby, to chat about this cool project. Check out the video:

Basically the QRator project uses iPads for visitors to put their thoughts and interpretations of the museum objects, which then become part of the display. It’s also a good way to capture feedback – and the comments aren’t moderated so some people tend to go crazy on it and it will still be published.

Next up in the UCL Museums series: 3D scanning and printing at the Petrie Museum – stay tuned!


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